Bangladesh university of engineering and technology


Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, abbreviated as BUET, is one of the most prestigious institutions for higher studies in the country. About 5500 students are pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate studies in engineering, architecture, planning and science in this institution. At present, BUET has sixteen teaching departments under five faculties and it has three institutes. Every year the intake of undergraduate students is around 900, while the intake of graduate students in Masters and PhD programs is around 1000. 

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University of the philippines school of urban and regional planning

フィリピン大学 都市・地域計画学部

UP-SURP (University of the Philippines, School of Urban and Regional Planning) is the premier and only school of urban and regional planning in the Philippines.

As one of its four-fold functions, the UP School of Urban and Regional Planning (UP-SURP) through its Training and Extension Services Division is mandated to provide capability- building/training in areas related to urban and regional planning. As the only graduate school of planning in the Philippines, the School supplements its graduate education program with extension programs in research, consultancy and training.

Through its Training and Extension Services Division, the School has conducted innumerable capability-building programs for all levels of governments from the national down to the municipal level, the private sectors, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Among the more memorable contributions of UP-SURP are the conceptualization and implementation of the national, regional, and provincial physical framework planning process.

national taipei university of technology, college of design

國立臺北科技大學 設計学院

National Taipei University of Technology, called as Taipei Tech, is one of the top institutions for higher studies in the country. 

Established in 1912, Taipei Tech is among one of the oldest universities in Taiwan. It was first established during the Japanese Colonial Period as the Auxiliary Industrial Institute of the Education Affairs Office of the Civil Administration Department. The Institute consisted of only three departments (Woodcraft, Metalwork and Electrical Engineering) ushered in an era of industrial education in Taiwan. In 1948 the school was renamed as Provincial Taipei Institute of Technology providing five-year associate degree programs. In 1997, the school was promoted to University status, and was renamed as National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech). 

Ming chuan university, department of architecture

銘傳大学 建築系

Ming Chuan University has been established for more than 50 years, and become an internationalized university under Founder Pao’s leadership and faculty and staff members’ efforts. Ming Chuan University not only cultivates talents in high tech, humanities and management, but also strives to be a better and better comprehensive university with research, teaching and service. Ming Chuan University continues on the road to achieving internationally-recognized university status.

Department of Architecture was founded in August 1994, its predecessor was the Space Group in the Department of Commercial Design at Ming Chuan University. At the beginning, it was named the Department of Interior Design, targeted on developing interior design professionals. In 1995, it was revised to Department of Space Design in order to expand learning vision and future career options. In 1999, it was renamed as the Department of Architecture to increase the diversity of students’ career choices, fitting the international English terminology of the field and retaining the original teaching characteristics of Space Design.